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Plastic Pipe Fabrication, (PPF), a Prescott Company, opened in 2008 through the acquisition of Geotex Fabricators. Team PPF is a valuable resource for PVC and HDPE pipe and plate custom fabrication work, including prefabricated piping components to make installations easier.  Learn about PPF's services »

Team PPF offers an array of molded and fabricated HDPE products, included but not limited to, manholes and catch basins. We also offer several products for storm water solutions including StormTreats and the PPF catch basin hoods. Team PPF provides culvert sliplining solutions with HDPE pipe, specializes in assisting with installation, and cellular concrete annular space grouting. We also specialize in "inflow and infiltration" (I & I) - leak stopping in manholes, catch basins, tunnels and foundation walls.

Team PPF is trained in the application of Warren Environmental Epoxies System which can be sprayed on concrete or steel to provide the ultimate epoxy coat, especially in sewer environments. The 100% solids no voc epoxies are not paints but a plastic like coating that is hard like ceramic and can rehabilitate structures including existing concrete or brick manholes and catch basins, tanks, clarifiers, tunnels and treatment plant areas. We supply and assist with the installation of prefabricated liners for ponds and storm water tanks including field seaming and pipe to liner penetrations.  More about epoxy products »

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